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EV 13 Bulgaria/Greece

Zlatarevo - Krusevo

Zlatarevo - Krusevo

After entering Bulgaria from the direction of Macedonia at the cross border point of Zlatarevo the ICT route utilizes low traffic asphalt roads – the road artery linking the villages that are in the footsteps of Belasitza Mountain located in the vicinity of Belasitza Nature Park. Bigger part of this stretch of the road is covered by asphalt with a good quality of the surface, but there are also non-asphalted traffic free agricultural road parts the quality of which can be considered as just appropriate and improvement and asphalting is needed – mainly the sections between the villages of Kolarovo and Belasitza and Belasitza and Petrich. The quality of the surface of the subsequent sections of the route going through Katuntzi, Izvora hut and Goleshovo also vary between just appropriate and inappropriate. The surface of the section between Goleshovo and Paril is partly macadam partly sandy road, which makes it passable in good weather conditions, but might be difficult when raining. This section of the route can be considered as the hardest for cycling (especially with heavy loaded bikes) but the short length of it and the lack of any traffic make it possible for passing. After Paril the road is characterized by a good asphalt surface and low traffic until reaching Koprivlen. The stretch between Koprivlen and Gotze Delchev has good asphalt surface, but coincides with the route going to the cross border point of Ilinden (BG) – Promahonas (GR), which determines the high traffic of vehicles, thus making it relatively uncomfortable for cycling. Due to this the overall quality of the road infrastructure can be assessed as just appropriate with small sections that can be characterized as iappropriate due to the heavy vehicle traffic.

Public transport

Travel by Railways:There is a train station in Petrich and a train line from Petrich to General Todorov – which ia an important train stop on the train route Sofia – Kulata. Getting the train from Petrich to General Todorov gives option for transferring to to the locations using the train transport. There are also train stationa in Sandanski and in Dobrinihste.
Sofia-Petrich : 07:00; 12:00 ; 14:10; 17:00 
Petrich - Sofia : 5:05 ; 0:35 ; 14:00 ; 16:40
Travel by bus: There is a bus station in Petrich and in Gotze Delchev that links the citys with Sofia via regular daily operating bus lines. Petrich is linked also with Panaguristhe and Hisaria via the utilization of the bus transport. There is a bus link between Petrich and Thessaloniki.
Sofia- Petrich : 06:40; 08:10; 12:00; 13:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00 
Petrich-Sofia: 11:00 ; 4:30
Gotze Delchev-Sofia :4:15 ; 5:00 ; 6:00 ; 7:00 ; 7:40 ; 11:40 ; 15:30 ; 17:00
Sofia - Gotze Delchev 7:30 ; 9:20 :9:45 ; 12:30 ; 13:15 ; 13:55 ; 14:40 ; 15:10 ;16:45


Similar to other administrative centers the city of Petrich is also the center of provision of all types of services in the municipality. There are numerous shops providing everything necessary from food to repair parts for bicycles. There are numerous places for accommodation varying from hotels to small guest houses and single rooms for rent. Beside the city of Petrich accommodation and dining places as well as shops with all necessary goods can be found in the villages located in the foothills of Belasitza Mountain, some of them lying on the road leading to the cross border point of Zlatarevo – Novo Selo – the proposed ICT route. The villages that provide accommodation and place for food are Yavornica, Samuilovo, Kamena, Srkat. The village of Kluch provides dining place. Beside this there are two huts in Belsaitsa mountain – hut Belasitza that is renovated and provides excellent accommodation and dining services and hut Kongura that utilizes the former piquet used by the garrison which protected the border.
The city of Gotze Delchev has all type of necessary shops. Bike repairment services are also available in the city. There is a variety of different dining places, bars, and restaurants as well as places for accommodation such as hotels and tourist bedrooms. Most of the accommodation facilities located outside of the borders of the city are focused in the area of Popovi livadi which is crossed by the road linking Gotze Delchev with Petrich. The area has been differentiated as a a holiday resort area both for people from the region as well as for other tourists, which has determined the big concentration of varietry of accommodation places - hotels, huts, villas etc. The city of Gotze Delchev hosts a touristic association called Momini Dvori, which is very active in supporting and developing various tourism related initiatives in the region as well as in working for popularization of various forms of alternative tourism including bicycle tourism. The association manages a tourist bedroom located in the city of Gotze Delchev as well as the hut Popovi livadi, and Slavjanka hut, located in Slavjanka Mountain, which also stays on the ICT route.
Petrich -Family Hotel “Pri Blajko” – (+359) 898 379 149


The proclamation of the mountain of Belasitza for Nature park played and is still playing very important role for the development of service provisions in the region and especially of those services linked with the development of alternative forms of tourism such as the eco, hiking and photo tourism.
Cultural sites:Historical museum of Petrich; Park and Museum Samuilova Fortress located near the village of Kliuch; several military monuments including Monument of the Perished in the name of the State – in the town of Petrich, Colonel Drangov - military monument which was built in 1916 at the village of Drangovo and Cheshmata - military monument which was built in 1917 at the village of Samuilovo; archeological site Heraclea Sintika near the village of Rupite; there are numerous historical and cultural monuments located in the municipality and in the city of Gotze Delchev; three monasteries located in the vicinity of the city of Gotze Delchev
Natural sites:: Nature park Belasitza. Nature monument Kojuha located in the vicinity of the village of Rupite;reserve Kongura – proclaimed for protection of natural ecosystems of edible chestnuts and beech forests; Protected landscape Ruptie;Natural monument Tufcha waterfall located in the vicinity of the village of Breznitza; Natural monument Kupena, located in the vicinity of the village of Gospodinotzi
Eco trails and thematic routes: There is considerable number of marked eco trails and thematic routes lying on the territory of Nature park Belasitza, full description of which can be found at

Remains of the ICT reachable by bike

Most of the objects are situated in the high parts of Belasitza Mountain and hard to reach by bike.

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