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EV 13 Bulgaria/FYR Macedonia

Kyustendil - Blagoevgrad

Kyustendil - Blagoevgrad

After Kyustendil the road is going south southwest to south southwest to village Nevestino.The quality of the roads is not very good – one third of them are determined to be in poor state. Most of the municipal (low class) roads are asphalted, but need better maintenance and rehabilitation. Nevertheless the main roads linking the municipality with the bigger cities of the region are in good condition. After Nevestino the road infrastructure is well developed. The international road E79 going into the direction of Greece is one of the main road arteries in the municipality. Nevertheless due to the heavy traffic, the road is not suitable for biking and overlapping of the bike route with it was avoided as much as possible. The lesser class roads linking the smaller settlements in the municipality are in relatively good condition and are suitable for biking.

Public transport

Travel by Railways:
The train line linking Sofia with the cross border point with Greece goes through the territory of the municipality. There is a train station in the city of Kocherinovo.
Kocherinovo-Sofia: 6:11; 9:43; 14:07; 16:22; 18:55
Kocherinovo-Blagoevgrad: 6:35; 9:13; 12:33; 17:35; 19:20
Travel by bus:
Most of the villages from the municipality have bus stop and public busses that link the villages with the sity of Kyustendil. The bus lines that link Kyustendil with Dupnitsa and Kyustendil with Blagoevgrad go through Piperkov Chiflik, Novi Chiflik, Nevestino, the cross road towards Chetirci, Pastuh, Boboshevo. Each of the villages has a bus stop where a bus can be taken to either to Dupnitsa or to Blagoevgrad. The city of Kocherinovo is linked with bus to the regional bigger cities of Dupnitza, Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad as well as with a possibility for direct travel to Sofia by boarding one of the busses passing through the city. The bus line that links Kocherinovo with Blagoevgrad also provide bus services to the villages that lay on the bus route, but the possibility for transportation of heavy loaded bikes depends on the type and the size of the vehicle that is operating on the line.


The trading services and provision of basic goods and food in shops in the villages is well developed. It has to be taken into account though, that the food stores and shops for other goods are mainly focused in central parts of the villages of Nevestino, Vaksevo, Pelatikovo, Drumohar, Rashka Grashtica and Liliach due to their relatively bigger size. Several guest houses, villas, single rooms and a holiday complex as well as small restaurants are located along the road linking Nevestino and Blagoevgrad that winds along the Struma river .The accommodation services focused mainly in Pastuh, Zgurovo, Nevestino. Pastuh and Zgurovo host small complexes of holiday houses that provide excellent conditions for fishing and hiking in the region. There is a small hotel located close to the municipal building in Nevestino.
Since the city of Boboshevo is the administrative center and the biggest settlement in the municipality all types of services can be found there. There are shops providing food and all types of goods as well as dining place. The places for accommodation are provided by the hotel that is located in the vicinity of the stadium of Boboshevo as well as by the two huts Yana and Pioner that are located 4 km northwest from the city of Boboshevo. The huts are reachable by well maintained asphalt road. There are no bicycle shop or bicycle repair services; nevertheless the city hosts several car repair services, which can provide basic help for bicycles if needed.There are also dining places and a hotel situated in the center of Kocherinovo village.
Although special facilities for bike storage may not be presented in all places offering accommodation possibilities, bikes may be properly stored by reaching common agreement with the owners of the place.

Guest house in Nevestino - http://www.mirevata.hit.bg/contacts.html
Guest house in Zgurovo -+359 888 801 656 http://staratakovachnitza.com/
Pastuh - http://www.pastuh-bg.com/
Boboshevo - http://www.hotel-struma.bg/
Blagoevgrad – Fenix Hotel - hotel_fenix@abv.bg


Cultural sites:

A Neolithic village has been found in the vicinity of the village of Nevestino.
- Remaining of the medieval times in the form of medieval fortress in the Skaleto close to the village of Pastuh can be seen.
- There are also churches from the medieval times that are in the vicinity of Pastuh.
- A monastery "Sv. Pravedni Joakim and Anna" located over a rock niche with a waterfall is in the vicinity of Somlichano village.
- "Kadin bridge" located in the village of Nevestino is a fine example of an architecture monument in the region, being a structure that is a mixture of medieval and Renaissance forms combined with local27 motives. The bridge dates back to the year of 1470.
- Manastircheto area hosts a church – “Sveti Dimitar” that dates back to the fifteenth century
- numerous churches and small chapels dating back from the tenth to seventeenth century located along the river bed of Struma river;
- a functioning monastery in Boboshevo build in nineteenth century with architecture similar to the Rila monastery;
- Numerous churches that are build in the 19 century are located in the villages of Barakovo, Porominovo, Stob, Mursalevo, Dragodan, Borovetz, Buranovo, Krumovo,Tzarvishte, Frolosh as well as in the city of Kocherinovo.

Natural sites:

Proclaimed for protection of natural population of Pinus Nigra - black pine; protected site Manolovoto - the buffer zone of Gabra resrve is located also in the vicinity of the village of Tsarvaritsa; Osogovo and Skrino according to the Bird directive and Osogovska planina according to the Habitat Directive.
-Marked Eco trails in the municipality of Nevestino (does not have real connection with the ICT):
Tsarvaritsa – Gabra Reserve – Chernata Skala Passage - Tsarvaritsa (13 km)
Vetren – Golyamata Peshtera - Kaleto Peak – Smolichano (18 km)
Iliya – Golyamata Peshtera - Smolichano (17 km)
-Remains of the ICT reachable by bike: A watchtower, piquet and some monuments can be found in the vicinity of the village of Tsarvarica, but reaching these attraction points require detour from the main velo route and also will be easily done if bigger part of the load of the bikes is left at the accommodation places (due to the mountainous character of the region).

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