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Madona Inn
Certificate Green Lodge

Address: Village Falkovetz
Contacts person: Tsvetan Mladenov
0898/ 457 198
Electronic commuinication:
Location: 43.597689, 22.780441

It is situated in Falkovets .The village is a hamlet in the foot of Stara Planina, Northwest Bulgaria. It is situated on N114 road connecting the town of Belogradchik with the city of Lom,Vidin municipality. It is located on 14 kilometers from Belogradchik, 170 km from Sofia and 52 km from Vidin. Right next to it is the mouth of Stakevska River, flowing into the river Lom. The hamlet is situated on the road connecting Belogradchik and Ruzhintsi. It was founded about 1940. At first there was an inn (not existing nowadays) in the place of today’s village. People from the nearby villages stopped by there on their way to the markets in Lom, Belogradchik or Ruzhintsi. As a result new houses appeared and the hamlet overgrew.
This heavenly corner with crystal pure air offers splendid opportunities of alternative, hiking, biking and cave tourism, mountaineering, hunting, fishing and sport. The natural phenomenon Belogradchik Rocks starts right here. Trainings and competitions of canoeing and rafting are held in Stakevska River. Chuprene biosphere reserve is 13 kilometers from it. The cave Kozarnika is in direction to Oreshets. A tooth of Homospecies, most probably Homo erectus was found there. If the dating is correct, this will be the oldest information about human existence in Europe.
Gorni Lom, where is the starting point to climb Mount Midzhur, is just 15 kilometers from Falkovets. This is the highest peak in West Stara Planina (2168 m), situated on the border between Bulgaria and Serbia. The sources of rivers Lom and Timok are there at its foot. Every year during the first weekend of August is organized a climbing to the peak.
The inn offers two suites, six bedrooms, ten double rooms and one single room, all with separate bathrooms, TV sets and Wi-Fi Internet, as well as a conference room for 40 people.
The restaurant has 60 seats, divided in two halls. During the summer season there are 20 more seats in the garden. There you can enjoy the delicious Bulgarian cuisine and unique Torlak specialties and judge the local wines and brandies on their merits.
There is a 7-decare yard with facilities for guests with travel trailers (caravans) or campers.
You have the great opportunity to practice alternative, biking, hiking and cave tourism, hunting and fishing, sport, kayaking and white- water rafting. You can visit the Belogradchik rocks, the Kale fortress, Magura cave, Baba Vida fortress, as well as numerous monasteries in Northwest Bulgaria.

What is Green Lodge

Bulgaria is an exciting new destination. If one wants to feel the real spirit of the country he/she would have to leave the usual path to most famous sites and explore the charming small towns and villages in the picturesque nature regions. Green Lodge® is a quality mark offering addresses of B&Bs and small hotels specially chosen for their authenticity and care to the nature.

Green Lodge® is a certificate issued to guesthouses and small hotels that correspond to ECEAT sustainable tourism label and Eurogites quality strandards.

Hosts of these houses are local people who have special attention to local nature and culture. They will be your guide to interesting sites and events in the surroundings and will saturate your experience. Your stay at a Green Lodge will make you feel the charm of the traditional everyday life and guide you through local cuisine. At a Green Lodge you can pay attention to hosts’ effort for sustainable performance.

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home and experience their personal discovery and adventure.Don’t forget to ask your hosts how you can participate in a nature protection activities and let there be only the trace of your steps after you.