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Guest House "Tsutsova Kashta"
Certificate Green Lodge

Address: Kalofer, 7 Blaskova str.
Contacts person: Nikolay Tsutsov
Electronic commuinication:
Location: 42.612359, 24.973144

Tsutsovi House was built just before the Liberation (1878). It was burn when the Turks burned the city. The house is a monument of culture (number 98 of the Official Gazette from 1964.) It is one of the few preserved the spirit of the city. From its very begining the town gains privileges, that are in help for preserving the typical character of the bulgarian town. In the begining of the establishing crafts, in the town there are working about 1200 particles of knitting "gaytany" (ornaments knitted for the top cloth). In Kalofer traditional bulgarian holidays have always been celebrated and this tradition continues.Today the city has about 3600 people. The occupation of the people is agriculture farming, ecology and handcrafts. Kalofer is famous not only with its gorgeuos nature, but also with the beautiful monastery and churches. In the early morning, the song of the church bells can be heard. A little street will take you to the Virgin female monastery heir of 4 older convents. Here graduates the first bulgarian female teacher Anastasiq Dimitrova. The male monastery is functional since 1640 and the female one since 1700. Today both are open for tourists despite of the many fires caused by the turkish soldiers during the 500 year turkish slavery. Other sites that you must see are the navie museum-home of Hristo Botev and one of the first schools in Bugaria, founded by the father of Hristo Botev,Teacher Botio Petkov . Most ot the native people, as well as the hosts of "Cucovi House" hotel, grow the world's famous oil-yielding rose. In the beginning of June the visitors are offered to help in the gathering of roses, to visit the Rose Festival, and to see the place, where roses are distilled. They can also taste the"Jam of Roses", and even "Rose Rakiya". This tradition has turned into a exciting experience and is long remembered by every visitor. Everyone who comes in Kalofer finds a new different world.
The complex has 30 beds in 14 rooms, three of them can be used as triple! Brick ovens, cupboards, wooden ceilings, couches, metal beds will immerse you in a different atmosphere - an atmosphere with a sense of home. Heated by central heating in winter and receives visitors year round. Located in the center of town, surrounded by a two-meter walls, behind which it has retained the distinctive Bulgarian spirit and warmth of the family home. One of the biggest treasures is the garden. In the summer you can see blooming roses, geraniums and all other kinds ot flowers. The greening box-tree is on the same age as the house. The cornel-tree is also that old and its fruits are 3 times bigger than the ordinary. All guests, who want to try as chefs, can use the well-equipped kitchen, the fireplace, the grill and the barbecue, where they can cook everything from chicken to lambs. You can make your favorite meals and surprise the hosts with them. Hosts themselves can surely surprise you with the homemade wine and the mulled Kalofer rakiya.Tsutsovi House has won numerous quality certificates and hospitality over the years, Green Lodge, Authentic Bulgaria; Color Aesthetics; Pan Parks; ARD; The University of Tennessee; VEGA; Member of the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, etc., achieved thanks to the happy tourists that established him as one of the places in Bulgaria, part of the national fascination.

What is Green Lodge

Bulgaria is an exciting new destination. If one wants to feel the real spirit of the country he/she would have to leave the usual path to most famous sites and explore the charming small towns and villages in the picturesque nature regions. Green Lodge® is a quality mark offering addresses of B&Bs and small hotels specially chosen for their authenticity and care to the nature.

Green Lodge® is a certificate issued to guesthouses and small hotels that correspond to ECEAT sustainable tourism label and Eurogites quality strandards.

Hosts of these houses are local people who have special attention to local nature and culture. They will be your guide to interesting sites and events in the surroundings and will saturate your experience. Your stay at a Green Lodge will make you feel the charm of the traditional everyday life and guide you through local cuisine. At a Green Lodge you can pay attention to hosts’ effort for sustainable performance.

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home and experience their personal discovery and adventure.Don’t forget to ask your hosts how you can participate in a nature protection activities and let there be only the trace of your steps after you.