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Guest house "Eco Art"
Certificate Green Lodge

Address: Drashkova polyana, Apriltsi municipality
Contacts person: Velichka Gankovska
Electronic commuinication:
Location: 42.901077, 24.804712

The guest house "Eco Art" is located in the village Drashkova Polyana. To the south of the house is the Central Balkan and the magic of Dzhendema reserve and biosphere reserve Steneto with natural landmark Markova hole. To the north you will find yourself in the architectural reserve Old Stefanovo where time has stopped decades ago.The Little House offers three double rooms.The interior is full of wood,ceramic works and photographs . The front of the house is a realy beautiful garden, which welcomes the guests with flowers and there are several rows away vegetables " If your holiday is an art , then create with us" is written in most of Internet portals advertising the house. Echo Jankovski is an artist and ceramicist and he is transmitting knowledge to his guest with pleasure . Velichka is a photographer and loves to lead those who wish to be enlightened in the intricacies of shooting. Her favorite items are natural and architectural sights of their area.

What is Green Lodge

Bulgaria is an exciting new destination. If one wants to feel the real spirit of the country he/she would have to leave the usual path to most famous sites and explore the charming small towns and villages in the picturesque nature regions. Green Lodge® is a quality mark offering addresses of B&Bs and small hotels specially chosen for their authenticity and care to the nature.

Green Lodge® is a certificate issued to guesthouses and small hotels that correspond to ECEAT sustainable tourism label and Eurogites quality strandards.

Hosts of these houses are local people who have special attention to local nature and culture. They will be your guide to interesting sites and events in the surroundings and will saturate your experience. Your stay at a Green Lodge will make you feel the charm of the traditional everyday life and guide you through local cuisine. At a Green Lodge you can pay attention to hosts’ effort for sustainable performance.

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home and experience their personal discovery and adventure.Don’t forget to ask your hosts how you can participate in a nature protection activities and let there be only the trace of your steps after you.