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Guest house "Argirovi Kashti"
Certificate Green Lodge

Address: 4790 village Arda
Contacts person: Fedja Argirov
0889 651 232; 0887 22 61 61
Electronic commuinication:
Location: 41.46254, 24.639667

The guest houses "Argirovite kashti" is located in a small frontier village of Arda,only 30 km south of Smolyan . Near the village you can find a few paths leading to the springs of Arda .The houses are built in the late 80s and they bring the atmosphere of cozy Bulgarian house. The dining room is located in a wooden pavilion with fireplace and panoramic windows to the garden. The hosts offer artfully prepared local homemade dishes. Fedja Argirov, besides being a Director of the school in the village, is also chairman of the local tourism association .Guests can walk in the beautiful countryside with a mountain guide , on horseback or by with bike . You can also have fun in the garden of Tarzan.So far Fedja has equipped his houses with solar panels and energy saving radiators and now he is satisfied by lower energy costs. In the yard you can see how they grow their own vegetables, fruits and also look after an animals such as rabbits, turkeys and others.

What is Green Lodge

Bulgaria is an exciting new destination. If one wants to feel the real spirit of the country he/she would have to leave the usual path to most famous sites and explore the charming small towns and villages in the picturesque nature regions. Green Lodge® is a quality mark offering addresses of B&Bs and small hotels specially chosen for their authenticity and care to the nature.

Green Lodge® is a certificate issued to guesthouses and small hotels that correspond to ECEAT sustainable tourism label and Eurogites quality strandards.

Hosts of these houses are local people who have special attention to local nature and culture. They will be your guide to interesting sites and events in the surroundings and will saturate your experience. Your stay at a Green Lodge will make you feel the charm of the traditional everyday life and guide you through local cuisine. At a Green Lodge you can pay attention to hosts’ effort for sustainable performance.

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home

Each Green Lodge® is different making its guests feel themselves at home and experience their personal discovery and adventure.Don’t forget to ask your hosts how you can participate in a nature protection activities and let there be only the trace of your steps after you.